the vigorous vorticity of vigorish

werdz sux

Not buying LoTV
not playing POE 2.0

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In my opinion the only good matchup in HoTS is PvP.

read some shit over from what I've been posting juss to see what it looks like
I am a gift from God.

I'm down to ride with you
Save for your lifestyle
You be indoors in the night
Teachin niggas to get right
While I'm more about
Working a mechanical keyboard
Nigga so grimy could be working
door 2 door
With packet in hand
And prompt delivery
Bitch so down
Like I'm her son and got downz
Customarily customers approach with frownz
and get turned in and out upside down
Veins open in the night
Proper propulsion

Yeah I could do that. Would need vocal training.

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Any1 reading this shit? @AstralGlide @ twitter. Add me. I crave attention.

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I do not know how hard I can safely push so I'll just go hard and talk to god as I go.

On ward time
The thing about ward friends is that they don't keep. It's known. Sure, you're cool and you exchange info but like, who the fuck wants to be reminded of ward time? Shit's boring and slow and this fucking doctor ain't around to hear the shit you want to say as this lil nigga keeps going to the desk and saying Vant 2 smoke over and over again like a fucking goldfish in a bowl.

Ward time is slow. You customarily get a smoke break every 2 hours if at all and at some joints they don't even give you a toothbrush. I'm a 6x vet so I know some things. The food is institutional food, meaning solid and filling and hitting the basic food groups. People don't hold their farts but these joints are customarily well ventilated and I've even been complimented by the staff on the healthy fart smell of my farts.

There are rules with regards to staff interaction and how the staff functions in general. It's a patient-caregiver relationship; the staff are almost like parents in a sense. There's no dating, no email exchanges, no phone numbers across this bridge so good luck dating a hot nurse unless she, like, chooses to leave her job on sum Rainbow six shit.

A good way to kill time and keep yourself engaged is to go to groups and some of these groups are exercise oriented. Tai chi is a nice one to do, so that you have it in your pocket if you feel like working that chinese shit at a park by yourself. Me, I prefer pushups. Just doing them 10 at a time until you can do 100+ in a day, and then doing them in sets to exhaustion from there. My last stay, 2 weeks or so, I started out doing 4 at a time and by the end I was doing said 100+/day.

And again, don't expect a nigga to call you after although you want him to.

I should have married your ass. I loved how You Made Me feel. The idea of being with you wasn't at all offensive to me. I felt that you felt the same way.

But you had small hands and small feet and our children would have been lovely but a downgrade from myself in my eyes. They would have been kinder and stabler and still brilliant but not as brilliant as myself. They would have been brown too, and that's just a loss of social value arbitrarily and I wouldn't be me if I didn't straight up admit here that I care about such things. I saw latino looking children with chinese or doeish eyes and then, what, browner and browner over the generations?

Cuz I'm a fucking pure bred asian. Not only that but a fucking Korean. We, the fucking Koreans amongst you, we fucking hate you. We hate being confused for fucking chinese. We hate that we have to fucking try to assimilate into all this fucking structure that you have in this world. Well, I don't purport to speak for Koreans as a whole but I fucking hate this shit. When I'm out in daylight when it isn't summer with my ears pulled back I dread going outdoors into the fucking drudgery of this world you built and wish I were working a fucking rice paddy as the domesticated cows get butchered and eaten.

Oh, and I loved you then and I love you now. A nigga poly.

Shrug. A little one. I hope ur happy.

2 vain
Take all of me
The bone the blood the gristle the marrow
    The manhood of me
    And grind me within your maw
  Chew me good and hard and long
  Savor me
I won't be here forever
  The fags will make sure of that
Burning me up good and slow from the inside out
With each drag
    I'd quit for you
    Just turn it all off
  And domesticate myself
Wear them dull cow eyes
All for you
If you would but just
Take all of me

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How could you love me
I have dirt under my fingernails
As I roll not sky high
But high enough enjoying
The wind beneath my wings
Running that fucking OODA loop
and over
Control the tempo
Limit unforced errors
Don't rush me
.Got that shit off Gilbert
Can we just go back
and try again pweez
Down not up
Stronger into the gravity well
But there's nothing to hunt up here
just fucking
thinner air
Jet Streaming this bitch
name a nigga does this better than me
I'm so sorry for everything
We'll be dead before the next ice age comes
As the second law grinds us
Using up all the matter of the world
that counts
and all I want
is to lay my head upon a warm lap
and weep
and say a nigga invents strong AI
using a networking model as his basis
what then, space ele
and like, rip the rocks in the belt for shit
and then like
the equilibrium breaks and an asteroid gets loose
and loops and twirls with the 3rd rock as it's target
how do you calculate that shit
ax god
I did


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