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the vigorous vorticity of vigorish

werdz sux

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(no subject)
the idea is to twist and pull and torque and shape
the meat of me into something better
something not so fucking sensitive
but rather tough and hardy
like the weeds that i don't pull
god's creatures they be
and why exert the effort
they beautify the view at least
whenever i take the seat left by Shamir
sometimes i'm twisted and torqued into
an irregular shape
soulsucking away and at the fags too i suck
both seeking out contact and evading it
lest i suck too hard at something and break a tooth
oh what's this now?
my shadows wink at me in the dark
i maneuver them into the darker shadows
bringing a resoluteness to them
and then i twist myself about
and confront the other
they speak to me not tonight
and my consort, the imagined you
is good and chill in her seat
with her hands on her lap curled
into little fists
why oh why