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the vigorous vorticity of vigorish

werdz sux

on blending .oh.and.katrina. oh and unblended flaxseeds r gud fibre
I recently purchased a 10 speed black and decker blender and I am regretting my purchase. My previous experience with blenders was a magic bullet and a hamilton beach. Both crapped out quickfast but I still prefer them over the black and decker. Here's why:

The approximate "blending area" of the b/d is shit relative to the contents being blended. Thus my flaxseeds don't get chewed up. When compared to a magic bullet, a small p.o.s.-ittish overpriced blender it, the black and decker, is total shit. The magic bullet or even the hamilton beach blenders, they blend everything in the single serving cup without exception. I can run the b/d blender for like 4 minutes and it still won't chew up all the flaxseeds. I am greatly regretting my purchase. There's also the pain of having to clean the blending jar after every use along with having loose flakseeds gumming up and marauding all up and down my sink.

Oh, and the watch, the numeric dial citizen, it's malfunctioning and I tossed the receipt and RMA pamphlet as per my custom. Mebbe when I go back to the mall tomorrow dude will not recognize me on top of that and then I'll just be out 130 and a watch until the RMA sans RMA pamphlet goes through or not. FML.

On the plus side I met a pair of interesting people today. I was at Old City Hall on some shit and then decided to peep nathan phillips sQ looking for old girl, y'know, CTV girl with the size 8.5?Ds and the size two tristan pantsuit. Sadly she was absent and the fountains weren't running on top of that so I couldn't clean my hands. I took a moment to smoke on a bench while running an approach with the girl on it and was shut down hard as she texted away. I saw that a trio (mom, pops, daughter) were taking pictures without external assistance and moved to see if I could assist them in taking a picture of all three of them together. No thanks was the reply so I scanned and saw a dude playing both sides on a chess table. I moved over to him and commented that black looked better (but not enough for a force in my estimation and maybe a pawn up). We got to talking (he was playing both sides of a Ruy) and I found out that he was prepping for a tourney (2164 rating last he checked). We talked shop for a bit and I explained that I choose not to study chess too deeply because then I would lose some of the sense of mystery and wonder that I enjoy whenever I see two great players playing, y'know, getting caught up in the technicals rather then the ideas behind their play. A game was offered (no terms) and I declined.

Some girl strolled by and I took the opportunity to tell her that we were talking chess or something along those lines and I caught the moving target. She stopped and I maneuvered her into playing the 2164. They played and homegirl (from Boston on a tour of the city) got raped in 22 moves I think. Lovely girl, like 21, could use a facial and some acne meds but real sweet. A real mutt too, Ukranian something. Nice sized feet and smallish hands. I like girls with bigger feet and hands relative to their frame. I gave her my facebook which I rarely use writing it on her arm as the only paper I had on me was my hospital discharge which was bad form on my part as I'm almost always carrying something to write upon should the urge to poemize sumshit strike me. +1 internet friend and good memories all around. Good shit. Ofc walking around the table as they played and trying to assist homegirl.

And then I came home and butchered hands on the tables and lost some money. I got a whale limp calling 60 bets pre v AKs like 179?x deep only to flop mono not my suit 7 high and then finding out once he called the shove that he had 77. He ain't even snapit.