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PoE: 2.0 (The awakening)
This is a bitch post made by me (a fucking bitch) whining about what they've done to my dude, a life melee char.

In 1.1 my dude was good. I played an IR/RT build, stacking basically all of the life available. It worked because of the mechanics of how the blender build worked. The idea was to use a large life pool + leech (20% of maximum life) + LGoH + block + resists + endurance charges to straight tank basically anything in the game. Two notables made the build: The armor mastery stone (Increased armor + Crit mitigation) and Elemental adaptation (+2 max resists). It was probably uber viable with near perfect gear and decent play.

In 1.2 the major changes to the build were that EA was removed, Crit mitigation was segregated, most of the +max was functionally removed (could still get +1 fire woohoo) and to cyclone. The cyclone nerf was enormous to the entent that you could no longer play as I did in 1.1, in a facetanking style in that the hits/second were crippled, meaning less LGoH, which along with the mitigation nerfs meant that your dude straight couldn't do Crema or Palace aggressively. I went to a leech build in response.

I played the leech/acro/IC build in 1.3 and was underwhelmed. My char died alot and it would be to stupid things like killing myself to reflect or not hitting a resist pot before a corpse explosion. My progress stalled and I hated playing the game, bearing the memory of what I'd had before and so I chilled and waiting for the awakening alias patch 2.0.

2.0 is shit. They're straight taken leech out of the game (2% of maximum life/target at default) and the tree is not only not better from the duelist start but considerably worse. Like, with perfect play my 1.3 build worked in principle but the actual execution of playing to a consistently high standard was tiresome. Now, like, say I have a Gale Bane, a legacy taker, and everything else. Well, that's endgame viable but you have to go and get VP way up and to the right of the start and just, like, go IR, wear atziri's step, and like, maybe still skip crema or palace. It's just ridiculous. Like, it's nothing new to nerf a build or two but they took what I had in 1.3 which wasn't even that good and straight taken it out of the game. It's like the devs are trying to take every strong build out of the game and reduce the population to like those level 85-reroll faggots using their faggot build of the patch as they post on reddit about how good they are at the fucking game. Like, I've played endgame, I've spent game resources on a map pool and getting merely very good gear (arguably godly gear from most perspectives) and now, what, I'm supposed to just fucking farm game resources on lowish maps and like it? Farmers. What GGG wants so far as I can tell is to reduce the entire playing population to a bunch of game currency hunting farming faggots.

And it's bullshit. Rather than rearrange things or add things to the tree GGG, like blizzard, has simply taken all of those things that are arbitarily good and just removed them from the game. Even Fyndel's build got crippled to nothingness, it's less then half as good as it was before and sure, it can still do all the content, but GGG seems to regard the endgame build, the target build, that fucking brass ring up on the ceiling a player strives for, hopes for, grinds for and to reduce it to shit and spit on the player and say, no, you aren't allowed to have nice things and do endgame content and push and strive for a better char because we're going to go into your stash and change the leech values on your gear and change a mechanic that's been around for years just because.

Spanked. The devs have left me feeling spanked and all I did was what was available on the tree and as far as I know I'm the only blender to do atziri, at least in the thread and I just wish I'd farmed harder, been smarter with my exalts and bought that Gale Bane when it was 110exa and just fucking did Uber so I could leave the game at peace with myself over the time spent as I cannot do now for I cannot say that I did the whole game.

Fuck act four, it's shit, a fucking joke. Run along this path doubling back a few times after you beat easy as shit bosses with primitive mechanics. Oh joy. Everything in the act is in straight lines and the malachai fight is an abomination. Ooh, kill that thing to hit this thing. Do you have maxed resists and enough life? Probably not if you're a new player. Welcome to POE where you progress and then get stomped into the ground by the devs but, hey, you can farm for that unique jewel and maybe work up to a soul taker. Yeah.

398 phys
legacy bringer
sick jewelry
absurd belt

Don't feel safe doing crema or palace or even orchard maybe. If that's endgame in the view of the devs and the appropriate way for me to be playing the game, a top 500 something standard player with alot of time logged and having put my currency into items, well, then I choose to end the game.

Oh, and if you think this is something ax Gelig Mortenson (sp) the fuck he thinks. Only melee in the world to do the entire game with top of the world gear and he probably can't find a way to do normal atziri now. LOL.



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