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Props to blizz for figuring out that zerg is out of control in LoTV. Now how about you fucking try worker parity and rebalance the game properly? Like, it's so fucking stupid. Z gets 5 workers for your 3 with no effort and built in static. Like, there's nothing correct here with Z lategame being what it is. You've gated protoss stargate so they can't even play a control-based strategy anymore and, again, z has built in static which leads into, what, long games against hive tech? Z is unkillable, has attacking options aplenty, and the best lategame and 5 workers for your 3. It's zergcraft. Get your heads out of your asses, revert the ghost nerfs, go to worker parity with no macro mechanics and rebalance the game. It's easy. Oh, and T has the best ranged units so it should win in the lategame. Ultras are a joke, vipers are a joke, ravagers are a joke and the lurker is the most broken shit ever but Z already so good none of your balancers even use it. Congrats. I'm still not buying it and I expect that alot of people won't either as the pros all go do other things except for those on proteams with salaries to play this shit halfassed imitation of BW.

Like, you fucking make roaches which threatens burrow. Ravagers and lurkers are right there so you pick one and then you go to lategame basically for free cuz the only thing better than a great attacking unit is a great attacking unit played defensively. Get hive. Make hive units and win game. Seriously, how long have you been planning the shit for and you give us, the RTS community, this aborted travesty? It's worse than infestorcraft and far more boring.


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