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I don't need to prove shit to anybody. To myself, that's another story. Like, I got this thing in process. To know that I can do just by the characters and have it live and breathe. To just know that would be nice and it's probably something that I need to do, if for no other reason than knowing that it's an out or for, just, getting the shit off my mind. I'm not even talking about publishing cuz like, then, what if I blow up? I just want this poker shit to get right and then once I'm sitting on 30 rax again and got a stable income with the debts paid and like, new loafers and a few suits and new etymotics and like transportation, not even talking a genesis, just fucking transportation (would get pulled over less for sure) then like, alright, novels. A nice place to live wouldn't hurt either, something with a weightroom or maybe a loft once my money gets really right. That's the idea anyways. Everyone has all these nice ideas. Everyone's trying to right the "next great" novel. Well, niggas, no idea's original and it's more about the execution of an idea, well, at the top level then about your precious idea. But, then again, ain't nobody wrote a book on being an RTS player. Nobody's done the hip hop scene any justice properly, mostly because the work already out there stands on it's own and destroys, just rapes the shit out of anything a scrivener could do. And then there's the sociopath book, with a stupid ending. And there's the book about the life that I imagine a girl I knew having and how she feels about it. And this and that and maybe if I don't fucking get to it -- that is to stay manage to remain reasonably healthy psychologicall -- then I end up like that guy in the ER who was telling the ER doc that he'd written 21 books as the doc smiles and nods and orders a cat scan for a perfectly healthy motherfucker who's just woken up and realized that he's old and broke and has nothing to show for his life as a motherfucker having a bad day takes the shit in and wonders how in the fuck whatever end post.


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