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top 30 in the world talent
One thing I often ask myself is how, if I'm so fucking intelligent, then why can't I just get into the cockpit of myself and run myself up another roll.

Well, the first thing that I lack is humility. It's the same way I play the T side of dust 2. I just have no fucking respect for those long rifles and early pushers on the CT side. My general strategy is to get big early and work as the entry at the time and place of my choosing, going hard and fast and loose and scrimmy.

Something that comes to mind is like, trying to know, not map, but know the spurs offensive struct. Like, complicated like that.

The thing about playing this way, with complicated structures is that there's often a ton going on be it on the server or in the hand -talking poker here but not-, so many little variations that can emerge seemingly of their own accord that it defies calculation. It's like headshotting a guy with an AK. You don't calculate consciously how to shoot this guy's head off. You just move your left and right hands the proper way by feel and then it shoots, not you but it, and if you felt the right things and did the right things, his head just comes off.

Playing poker well is sort of like that but almost entirely not. For starters, physically disabled people play poker just fine. Me, I come from a Broodwar background, so I'm just used to being fast. It's inculcated into me to just do things quickly. And I can feel my form coming back a hand at a time at the tables as I relearn, remap all of these variations back into me to be worked upon subconsciously. Like, having that ace fall and just knowing that this guy's put that loose bet out there and that this shit in the middle, it's mine and then just pulling the trigger. Or knowing that we're both lost here but it's a credible scare for my range against his range here and that he really can't call this, my defense range is sufficiently tight, even though we're both lost in the spot I just see the bet and execute it.

There's also the fact that poker is an absolute shit game in that, well, if you were better than someone at BW by a large enough amount you just cut corners on him and put him at 0% without a fight having occured at which point if he never allins you, you just win every game. Especially where strategies are limited, in like a mirror matchup. In poker, say I become that top 30 in the world cat, well, if I execute my structured offense and defense correctly and I'm playing against the guys that I not want to play against but should be playing against, well, the fucking turn. The fucking river. Preflop play. Flop play. Big fucking calculations and also style and even allin play. It's fucking huge, ok? Nevermind PLO. We haven't even mapped out integrated overbetting yet. Yeah, the bots are coming but they're slow and, my guess, they'll never solve anything bigger than a 20 bet struct.

Speed helps. Being able to feel things and calculate them quickly on the spot, it's just nice to have. Rek was faster than me, but more bio than brains. Like, the brain is a lightspeed probably quantum computer in my view and my brain as a function of how it operates, it's already marvellously well connected in way more respects than most other people because, well, most other people don't hear voices and like, negotiate with their nemesis/darkness/id/spider brain/reticular process and what comes with that is, well, scroll down. And, even then, there are people who live their lives that that all day and for whom the pleasure of fucking is not their own but rather then pleasure that they can give to another fucking human being and there's nothing wrong with these checked shirt wearing not a hair out of place network admining motherfuckers, one of whom, well, the shit blew back onto me and hopefully it's over soon but these other motherfuckers, well, they're dragging their feet and I hope the shit goes away nex time I'm in court but whatever.

Phew. Eat a dick and die.


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