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1. Crashes and lib pointer.refs go poof and must rebuild on reinstantiation. At least with foobar it's only your playlists that go poof.
2. Shittily written VB shit. Big hog. Slow.
3. Click around in menus to find that half the time there's no option for what you need to change. At least foobar has basically all the shit you could ask fer.
4. No 24 bit depth option. No 44.1khz sample rate option. 24/96re/44.1 is std on upmarket dac+amps. erry1 knows dis.
5. Crashes do not appear to be deterministic in naughty by nature.
6. Closed source.
7. Cain't use it as a sync app for ur le iWoteva device.
8. Inbox function. no clue why no idea what it does. just ... there. Cuz. ???
9. Many plugins. Still shit.
10. Skip silence DSP coded to uh, skip "silence" in the middle of tracks.

Still best. Heaven help us. Might go back to foobar.

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I was thinking about how something could be both a yes and a no and then I remembered that I had heard that in some place(s?) in Africa it is considered rude to say no and so people always say yes to everything and then it is up to the questioner to determine on his own whether the yes is a yes or a no but then isn't it just a yes yes or a yes no but never both but then isn't the second a yes no?

The process: Krimz
Someone who's inspired me of late is Fnatic's Krimz. He's a CS:GO pro who basically didn't exist until late last year. Before then he was an aimer/support rifler who was sort of just there and who's name rarely got mentioned outside of the phrases "Krimz goes down" or "Krimz with a double and a refrag comes in" being uttered. He was just that guy on B on inferno who had Olof's back who never did anything to the point where you wouldn't even know that he was even in the game unless it was brought to your attention by a commentator.

And then Thorin wrote something about him being one of the best players in the world and I didn't see it. Sure, he'd had some nice games but for the most part he'd just go 12:8 or whatever while Olof and JW did all the work. I didn't think that his game was that nice.

And then I started paying attention to what he was doing and I was shocked by what I saw.

For starters, I've heard him referred to as a tank. I was like, no. Krimz is actually very dynamic in his defensive positioning. Some guys - Xizt and KennyS and Friberg come to mind - are very static in their defensive positioning. I would even say stereotypical. Like, this is not necessarily bad on it's own, but you generally want to give the opposition as few knowns as possible with which to work.

And everybody knows where Krimz is at basically at all times when he's on the CT side, and that's holding the closed site with maybe Olof with him and JW too if you're unlucky. Cough.

Which is what I saw, which is also what everybody else sees. And then I saw something else which is that conditional upon close support potentially being in the area nobody tries to pick him on a rifle round. Period. And, not only that, it's not like he's turtling back in the site all round waiting to stuff a take. On inferno he's frequently on car providing support to Olof's probes and then he'll just play the spot appropriately afterwards, mixing up his play, and in neutral positions he's very happy to play very cheesy and campy spots which virtually guarantee his death but also give him strong chances for a favorable trade. On dust2 B he'll take whatever is given, ready to take a fight in dark and often Olof will be cheating heavily off of him getting eyes into mid. If alone, he'll mix up his positioning to an extraordinary degree; even with Olof in mid he will often hold close to B tunnel entry on dust2 B and he's nearly as likely to be huddled by the bomb plant or on platform; hell, he might even be boosted onto double box with Olof holding right behind him. On mirage he could be almost anywhere on A, short of spawn. What enables this ability is his unique skill with regards to the ability to fight at close, mid, and long range. He's a very good aimer, a headshot machine if given a midrange duel, and one of the best stitchshot/sprayers in the game with an almost uncanny sense of precisely where each and every single one of his shots is landing, sort of like a golfer holding a short iron on a typical PGA tour stop.

So, you have a guy who's a rifler who's often being cheated off of by one of the most dynamic and aggressive players in the game and who is also, I think, the most defensively intelligent player in the world. A player who singlehandedly deters you from attempting to take the site upon which he's planted his yellow and blue Fnatic flag while also frequently being alone on that site and very rarely having a 3stack onsite. What do you do with that?

Well, what you're supposed to do is to take the site anyways. If you allow a single player with the mere threat of close support to individually hold a site without recourse, this gives the opposition the immense opportunity to, like, do things with four players instead of three. Like, have JW go wherever he wants and do whatever he wants to do. Or have Olof be real quiet by his side and probably stuff the hell out of whatever comes. Or have Olof working with JW on controlling mid as Flusha cycles connector on inferno.

So, I said that nobody tries to pick him. Well, not anymore. About three months back EnvyUs' Happy was doing this thing where he'd take his awp and entry into inferno B alone while the rest of the team just basically sat in mid waiting to see what happened. I haven't seen anybody do that since. And then there was that game where NiP tried to caveman rush B on dust2 with good buys twice in a half. I hadn't seen that before and I absolutely haven't seen that since. Like, the only thing that's worked is to try and pick Olof early, in order to exploit his aggressive/cheating tendencies and catch him in a 1v3 and to then roll off of the pick and play standard while also hoping that Krimz misses the two or three shots that he'll get off while all that is happening (if he's even there; on some maps they roll out Olof dolo). That's basically been the only way to beat Fnatic of late. If you take Olof out without penalty you can take rounds off of Fnatic consistently and then it's hard for JW to get an AWP into his hands and things become much simpler, since an underequipped team can't really, like, do anything but play a timid variation of default/standard or very aggresssively.

But to get there first, to deny JW his full power while putting numbers on the board, you have to win rounds. And to win rounds on the T side of most maps you're generally looking to take a site. And with almost definitely two players on one site, the more easily accessible site, the more open site and 1+? players almost definitely on the other, the closed site, the site with the worse fields of fire for both sides but a harder retake for the CTs, the decision on which site to try to take should be trivial.

Which is where Krimz fundamentals comes into play.

There's this clip. Krimz is alone on B on inferno, holding fairly close but definitely turtling on platform. He has no support. I don't know how things got there but things had probably gone pretty badly for Fnatic in that round. A four man breach comes in, a force I think with two rifles leading, and Krimz bodyshoot stitches the first guy down. The second guy receives the pleasure of a spray transfer with a double tap headshot attempt one of which lands and goes down. They came in slightly staggered, as they should, because they don't want to accidentally shoot each other and because they don't want to get caught in a spraydown and although they know Krimz is probably there they don't know exactly where and they don't know that Olof isn't there. Krimz remains on good life. He switches to pistol. He nabs the two remaining Ts as they try to peek him with pistols mainly shooting them directly in the head probably after they took the time to confirm that Krimz was indeed isolated.

Krimz had not moved. The round ends with him reloading his weapons, still not having moved.

So, he's in a corner against a hard take against world class players. His position is known and was probably anticipated from jump. No mistakes were made on the part of the opposition, short of not hitting Krimz exactly once or twice in the head while being on the unfortunate end of pretty much a guaranteed max 5 bullet kill (1x AK, 1x galil, 2x pistols I think, maybe 2x galils). Failing to HS him is not a mistake technically; you don't go from a full run to instant headshot accuracy in this game.

So, how did that happen?

Well, the first thing that Krimz does that most players don't do is that he's happy to bodyshoot and take a 5 bullet kill. If given the opening he will preferentially go for headshots but if there's basically any risk at all of him missing in a tight spot he will just aim upper chest and concentrate his fire for 2 bullets and then stitch down his target's body and get a 5 bullet kill. Many players, likely following Get_Right's lead will snap to the head, attempt a headshot, and then go directly into stitch fire leading into a spraydown in an effort to concentrate as many rounds as possible into the head area of the target in as short a time as possible. What's great about this firing pattern is that there's a good chance for it to be a 4 bullet or less kill. What's bad about it is that you're wasting your first shot if you miss and going quickly into spray control if your opponent is still alive as he is liable to be if you missed the first shot. You could try to burst at the head and then go into spray but that pretty much sucks as the opponent can, like, duck.

But back to Krimz. Whenever I watch his POV I can't help but note that, should he dig his heels in, he does this exactly the same way every single time. He also mixes this up with hard withdrawals and fighting withdrawals and repositioning based solely upon his spot read of the situation which unfolds very rapidly and with great penalty attached to any defensive miscalculations made on the part of the defender. He tends to not go for spraydowns unless he's actually looking to trade himself favorable on the spot and he doesn't put himself in the position where he has to choose how he should be handling his weapon without having already made that decision as dictated by his spot read and his corresponding choices. It's like he always knows the exact game state, the exact pattern of attack he will be facing, and the exact countermoves to play and then he plays them beautifully, every time. Which isn't strange to type out because that's often exactly what's going on. Olof is cheating off of him, and sees nothing. Flusha or JW is out there, and see nothing. Pronax is holding tight on the open site and maybe there's a single smoke and then some noise and then Krimz makes the call as smokes rain in or footsteps thunder in. When viewed from this perspective, the shit seems almost easy. Krimz locks the closed site. Olof and JW and Flusha play off of that and gain yummy info. Pronax processes the info and like, Xs stuff out. Oh, and they're all doing this simultaneously and there so well coordinated that, should Krimz go down and the bomb be planted (usually having at least traded himself 1 for 1), they will even opportunistically slide their way into even better retake positions then is customary, such is their overall gamesense as a team that they know when they have the time to establish far better then normal retake positions, while also seeming to do it in a casual manner. And then there are the times where Flusha will happen to be in a position to flank on the retake and shoot critical defending players in the back. It's just, art.

From a mechanical standpoint Krimz is unexceptional. He runs a higher resolution I think (1280?), with a CPI of 400 and a sens of 1.3. Oh, and his movement is very good. Movement combat etc You Shall Not Pass. Go the fuck elsewhere and die. So sayeth Krimz. Just wait till he really figures out how to leverage his skillset as an attacking player and also figures out a few more positions. Then shit's just over. Happy hunting sir.

Krimz HS (head kill) % year over year:

2012 - null set
2013 - 49.29%
2014 - 40.80%
2015 - 36.87%

CS:GO a case study in playing mechanics: JW
Fnatic's JW is a primary AWPer and top dude in the world at it in my opinion. His playstyle has been frequently described as crazy and inexplicable. No citation. To regard JW's play as crazy or inexplicable betrays a fundamental lack of understanding of basic mechanically sound play in my opinion.

AWPing is it's own little art form. What you have with the AWP is an expensive weapon with a shit kill reward which slows you down either quite a bit or a fuckton. You very heavily prefer having close support with this weapon as you can quite easily be zerged down by even just SMGs or Tec9s if holding alone in an exposed position. If scoped, immobile. If moving, innacurate. Really, it's quite shit. But, still, it is bought and it is played. It is played because it is a 1shot kill to the head, torso, and arms and because, played well, it is the single most devastating weapon in the game with the greatest ability to impact the flow of the game and also, played perfectly, a weapon with no logical counter save for itself.

The easy way to AWP is to sit on a corner and wait. The opposition appears and walks into your scope and you do your thing with that 1shot hitscan weapon of yours.

The proper way to AWP is to seek out and acquire and then hit what very well may be hard off axis targets opportunistically, typically conditional upon your opponents being bought up and, very importantly, breakable from an economic standpoint. As it is often impractical for you to be running around with a pistol against bought up opponents given the likelihood of being headshot immediately when a fight is taken upon your offering it as an AWPer with your pistol out, good AWPers offer battle while moving with their AWPs on their hip as it takes seemingly an eternity to weapon switch to the AWP. As such, upon offering battle in this manner the AWPer need necessarily then drag/scope or scope/drag and then hit their target in a 1shot kill hitbox in rapid succession with a high degree of accuracy should they come across an opponent who chooses to take the fight that they have been offered. In general terms, it is preferable to drag/scope close and to scope/drag far, although under pressure each player will express their preference. JW preferentially scope/drags, which reduces the engine's application of weapon inaccuracy upon him over which he has absolutely no control short of never moving and always being scoped. Given the possibility of dropping an AWP to the opposition and often lacking close support should you be playing like JW, you need necessarily be highly skilled in order to have this sort of shit be good.

And JW is highly skilled but not in the way that you think. Players customarily regard skill as being able to aim and being good at strategy and teamwork in this sort of game. JW is not skilled. I think that he's a fucking genius. Here's why:

The interesting thing about the AWP is that you don't need to be particularly accurate. The ideal in accuracy is to have pixel perfect aim to every single pixel of your screen with the interval between headshots to the exact center of each target's head being exactly the rate at which it is physically possible for you to move your hand as directed almost entirely from the shoulder with exactly no points of interference between the mouse and your body except for the bare minimum necessary for you to execute on, like, a frictionless surface as you hold your mouse with exactly your thumb and your pinky. The first interference to this being actualized in practice is the relationship between CPI, sensitivity, and resolution. There's actually a little more going on then that, but let's keep it simple.

Let's say you run a mouse at 400 cpi with a sensitivity of 2.2, as JW does. This is actually a rather high sensitivity for a player with the kind of aim that JW has, but let's not get into that right now. What this means that for every 1/400th of an inch that JW moves his hand, he traverses 2.2 counts. With a vertical display of 768 counts, this means that JW can hit no greater than like 351? of them with perfect accuracy with also, I think (although I may be wrong), an imperfect understanding of when he is being imperfect in his aim. In fact, rounding ensures that he will some smallish portion of the time his hit will actually be a pixel off target conditional upon his running exactly a 1024*768 screen, with the operative assumption being that he is able to control his hand to within 1/400th of an inch. Which olympic archers and gunmen I am sure absolutely do on a daily basis. Hell, Rondo does that shit every day just passing the ball.

So, if you follow me, the idea with an AWP is not to hit absolutely accurately on the direct count, not pixel as the monitor's pixel count is often an interpolated multiple of the actual resolution of the game, but resolution count as represented as a point on your screen which is, at minimum, 1 count by 1 count, but, rather, to sometimes miss that precise point, but to miss small, and to still have that hit be within the desired registerable hit zone of the opponent while also fighting basically the game rules which dictate that if you have not been zoomed in on a target for long enough, you are less accurate.

So, JW is not perfectly accurate. He doesn't need to be. He's an AWPer, and usually he has pretty sizable targets with which to work. We're talking a fairly large count-sized target if you're JW in, say, apartments on inferno knowing pretty much exactly when an opponent is likely to appear and from where and how he's liable to be equipped.

But even still knowing this, if you're a good player, you have to account for being wrong and when you're playing against the top guys in the world who, like, study your timings and preferences and like to set traps for you and suchlike, this makes it pretty hard to do this sort of thing.

But whatever. JW's in apartments on inferno alone for, say, however long he's in there for, offering a fight to anyone who comes in there to take it. His margin of error on executing a shot on, say, a 80 count by 180 count target is, say, 6/400ths of an inch of mouse movement on the basis of his shot being a quickscope. The only thing that he has going for him, really, is that he can reliably predict where an opponent(s) will be coming from. You really don't do this sort of thing when you also have 180 degree sweeps involved customarily. That would be crazy.

JW not only takes these fights against the best lurker riflers in the world who are expert at coming around corners unexpectedly and counterstrafing and making headshots and crouchwalking and double crouching and all sorts of things and winning those fights.

JW wins these fights on the basis of both his (imperfect) accuracy and his speed.

The thing about using a mouse sensitivity greater than 1 is that it is both awesome and total shit. With a sensitivity of 1 and a CPI which is less than or equal to the vertical line count of your screen you have the theoretical immediate capability to control, in the case of a 640*480 resolution, a 480*480 area of the map which is 230400 counts. As a rifler, it is impractical to endeavor to control this amount of area as the likelihood of eliminating multiple opponents before being traded out is poor. But, as an awper, playing alone to boot, if you are able to control this type of space or even a rather small portion of this space independantly - it's just strong. There's the added difficulty inherent to being a rifler in that your weapon handling requirements are greater than those of an AWPer in the game of CS. You must decide if you are tapping, or bursting, or stitch/spraying and in the case of multiple targets, you are also dealing with a high degree of weapon inaccuracy for which you must actively compensate which might even then be inaccurate given the fundamental element of randomness which is built into the game. Oh, and your opponents might, like, move or crouch or even jump. They may withdraw or take cover. The best players pull out ghetto shit all the time. They'll crouchwalk with an elevated preaim to get you looking low and then pop your head as they stand. They'll shoulder peek twice, then just slide out and take a fight. They'll not leave when it's obvious a joint is locked and go for an entry as a total fake. The only reasonable way to deal with this is not to guess, but to be fast.

Thus, sensitivity. The compensation for using sensitivity is speed and, for a rifler, you simplify your weapon handling requirements in that they become smaller in scale physically. As an AWPer, you trade pixel perfect accuracy for speed knowing full well that you are damaging your margin for error.

I was going to go into resolution and movement here but it's simple. More resolution, more dots per target. Also, harder movement. Movement important. No.combat.without.movement.

[zone of control]

JW has the largest effective zone of control or "cone of death" in the world. Imagine a green circle of variable size. Now, superimpose that circle over your crosshair in the CS game world. JW's circle is fucking huge. That's because his mechanics are impeccable.

I see dudes on LAN as I watch these streams and they're often shit from a mechanical perspective. They're hunched over and their faces are inches from the monitor to the extent that they have to move their eyes FAR AMOUNT to look at the minimap to the extent that I'm pretty sure that most of them don't even do it. Their arms are laying flat on the table, restricting their capability to do anything other on the vertical axis besides execute basic weapons handling. Oh, and alot of them smoke cigarettes.

And then someone like JW or Xizt will come on screen and it's just obvious that this motherfucker is doing shit correctly. JW's keyboard is in a neutral position. Not sitting straight up like he has a stick in his ass but just neutral or even leaning back slightly, opening up the angle between the torso and the hip. His mouse hand is neither far nor close. Very little to no interference points between the mouse and his shoulder. He even wears a long-sleeved shirt (probably the same one) to minimize friction between his arm and the mousepad and the edge of the desk. Playing mostly from the shoulder on muscle memory. Excellent rifler, even with no wrist on the desk which most players use as a pivot point/anchor to their movement to aid stability and control.

From a mechanical standpoint, because of the way he is using his body, he is able to execute shots in a 360 degree area which is very large around his mouse with very little interference. It's simple. If you have your hand on the edge of the desk, like Krimz, you have difficulty executing shots and movements to the SW and SE areas of influence within your area of responsiblity. If you have your arm on the desk, it's hard to shoot at things above you, nevermind flick them. JW has his mouse in the right place and he's doing things the right way from a mechanical standpoint. Even the way he holds his mouse, neither claw nor fingertip, just putting as much of his hand on the mouse as he can, as though it were a golf club or even a steering wheel, it's just correct. Exerting gentle downward pressure on mouse1 and mouse2 just to the point of not accidentally triggering his weapons, saving him a millisecond or 4.

Like, fuck. I could go on. This muthafucka the best dude in the world at AWPing and it ain't even close and they say his shit is crazy. Naw. Maybe a little stupid but JW best.

CS 1.6 configuration post. mechanics post to follow.

Steelseries Rival (white)
Steelseries 6gv2 (black switches)
Steelseries QcK heavy

The Rival is Steelseries' implementation of the Pixart 3310 infrared optical sensor. It does native steps in 50 cpi increments from 50 cpi to 5000 cpi. It's quoted as running from 5050 cpi to 6500 cpi but those steps are interpolated and thus shit. It has a quoted malfunction speed of 5+ meters/second which I wouldn't trust with a high cpi above more then 3m/second, which is plenty. Running at 450 cpi I haven't made it malfunction. The report rate can be toggled between 125, 250, 500, and 1000hz. It probably demands a dedicated mousing surface. I think that there's some minor smoothing being done by the mouse's processor but I doubt that I've missed any shots on account of it. There's no default hardware angle snapping being done but you can enable it via software if you're retarded enough to want that sort of thing. Speaking of which, it's required that an app be downloaded in order to modify the device settings - funnily enough, you can then uninstall the app and the modified settings will be applied on startup; oh, and there's no disc in the packaging. Cheap fuckers. It has what I'd call an appropriately low liftoff distance - I reposition my mouse frequently and if the LOD were too high as in the case of the ADNS 3090 I'd notice. The left and right clicks are a little different from what I'm used to but it's ok, although I do prefer Logitech and Razer's Omrom implementation. Dunno exactly what switches they used - Mouse1 is twitchier/clickier then mouse2 which is pretty close to mushy while also being a shorter click; think the switches have fractionally different actuation and reset points probably due to the shape of the shell?; if I were playing star2 it might bother me as there's a ton of right clicking in that game. It's a right handed ergo mouse which weighs a little over 100g. It has a low ride relative to the Deathadder and feels markedly less chunky. I like this because I maintain a neutral hand position when mousing. As for the shape I preferred the MSIE 3.0 but enjoy the Rival alot more than the Deathadder. The rubber grips on the Rival wear down over time and actually irritated my hand slightly at first. Me and rubber tend to not get along too well in general but in this case I've adapted.

I have two Rivals. The first, a black one, tracked well on my desk but the sensor would intermittently malfunction. I ordered another one, the white iteration, hoping that it would perform the same but without the malfunctions but found that it wouldn't track properly on my desk which made absolutely no sense to me but whatever. It did track on my Func surface 1030, but that thing is just too small for accurate FPS play. I had ordered a QcK heavy with the white mouse but had to wait some time for the mousepad to arrive. Upon the mousepad's arrival I found the pairing to be quite lovely. I do wish that the pad were a little larger, but it's nearly always adequate and it's already quite large as it is. Oh, and the sensor on the black feels faster than the white with regards to distance travelled vs onscreen movement (Less error checking? Different lens?)

Other implementations of the Pixart 3310 are available. The Mionix Avior 7000 has onboard memory on which you can save your personalized settings which should prove useful should you LAN frequently. It's expensive and it's an ambi design. Probably an awesome mouse. Maikelele uses it IIRC. There's also the Finalmouse implementation which is driverless and which limits your cpi options and is hardcoded to 500hz (I prefer 1000). They also put it in a weirdly shaped razer OEM shell made of cheap and light plastic and probably glued everything together to save weight. 69.99 USD. Liquid`Adren uses it and gets paid for doing so. Good deal if you can live with the shortcomings. Light as fuck at 69g.

I think it's worth pointing out that the white and black versions of the Rival differ quite a bit. The white has a glossy surface which, I think, feels better although it requires more frequent cleaning. The mouse1 and mouse2 clicks are a little more distinct then in the black version (probably a result of the shell being different). The wheel on the white is a little stiffer and tighter. Also, mouse4 and mouse5 are both harder to actuate and clickier on the white.

I've had my 6gv2 keyboard forever. Good keyboard. Need to clean it.

[launch options]


The -nomsaa switch disables the anti-aliasing (4x?) which was built into the new renderer when valve switched the game over from the old one. Enabling the switch disables it, which uglifys the game a bit but who cares about that sort of thing. The -mousethread switch enables the functionality of a config cvar which changes the rate at which the game accepts updates from the mouse from the default, which is every 10 milliseconds, to whenever your device sends info. Not particularly relevant at, say, 100 fps but very relevant at 400+. More to follow.

[config and userconfig]

sensitivity 1.29
m_rawinput 1
mousethread_sleep 0
rate 100000
cl_cmdrate 1000
cl_updaterate 102
fps_override 1
ex_interp as per your preference (ideally 0 - this sets the interp to 0.0909 which is the minimum given that you are running at 100.5fps or more; I could write a post on this but won't; default 0.1 or 100ms). I use 0.0167 given that it's online play on a 60hz monitor. Incindentally, the Acer XB270HU runs at a (almost always given typical transition times) true 144hz and it's an IPS panel. Buy it.
fps_max 999 (maximum 999.5 i think but i cap out at 400 or so on a potato)

m_rawinput 1 enables raw input. Raw input grabs WM_MOUSEMOVE reports and uses those instead of taking what windows has done with the reports which I think has a strong measure of relation to some mechanic involving the maintainance of sync between mouse movement and frame draw rate. Faster. Feels different at first but better I think. Ain't used it that long. Probably keeping it.

mousethread_sleep 0 in conjunction with the -mousethread switch tells the game to accept all reports from the mouse at the rate at which the mouse sent them with no regard for the absolute maintainance of sync between mouse movement and frame manipulation save for the point at which data is collected and aggregated for the purposes of frame creation.

This merits more description so I'll do that here:

In previous revisions of the game there was no rawinput or mousethread option and mouse sleep was set to 10 ms. With an maximum fps of 100.5 being enforced this basically meant that irrespective of your mouse's report rate, you were basically running a 100hz mouse, with a windows mouse implementation defining a large part of what came onto your screen.

With the introduction of the -mousethread launch option, the mousethread_sleep cvar, and the ability to exceed the previous fps max of 100.5, you can now functionally run the game at a higher effective input rate, which is more accurate, and now with raw input. This is better.

Rate 100000 is the new cap. Old one 20000. Better.

fps_override 1 means you can fps_max up to 1000 rather than 100. Better.

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found a shav's. crappy roll but a few divs ought to sort it out. now to socket and link it.

tvt overgrowth

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I won another 20 buyins today. It still feels good.

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I won 20 buyins today. It feels good.

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